Something New for the Path Less Chosen

I started this web site in December of 2016 as a way to write about the various places I've visited over the years. I love to travel and it made sense to share my experiences and photos in this format. While there are over 60 articles on the site there seems to be something missing. It's the personal stories. It's one thing to have an interesting article about descending into the Grand Canyon or hiking a little known trail deep in a national forest. But often these read more like travel brochures and what I really want to do is share my personal experiences and why I decided to get away from the touristy areas and find my own path.

Moving forward, I'll continue to post about interesting, out of the way locations, but I'm going to add a more personal touch. This will likely mean more frequent posts about a wider variety of topics. We'll still have the main categories: Treks for hikes and bike rides, Stay Awhile for places that are so cool you need to spend additional time there, and Along the Path for those things that make the journey worthwhile.

Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel. There's more travel content there and it's often different than what's here.

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