Waterfall Hikes in Upstate New York State

Hiking in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York provides lots of options. One of the best known hikes is Watkin's Glen State Park on the south end of Seneca Lake. But 25 miles to the east is another park that offers equally as spectacular scenery and hiking.

Robert Treman State Park is located in Ithaca, New York, on the south end of Cayuga Lake. Like It's neighbor to the west, this park has a gorge to traverse and a multitude of waterfalls to visit. Enfield Glen is the name of the chasm that passes through Tremen State Park. Like Watkin's Glen there are hundreds of steps that take you up and down the gorge to view the falls and stone bridges. One of the most impressive of is Lucifer Falls. When hiking to the top of the falls, the very tight canyon walls open up to reveal a vista that is almost vertigo inducing. The trail then makes it's way to the bottom of the 115 foot falls. There are at least 10 other smaller unnamed falls in the glen.

The 2.5 mile trail ends at the Lower Falls, also called Enfield Falls. The area around this 70 foot cascade has been developed into a swimming and picnic area. It's a great way to cool down after hiking one of the moderately difficult trails in the park. As an added bonus, Enfield Glen doesn't get near the amount of publicity as Watkin's Glen. Therefore it is much less crowded on most days.

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