The House of Eternal Return

One of the oddest and most wonderful art installations in the U.S. is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Created by an artist collective known as Meow Wolf, the House of Eternal Return might best be described as a "fun-house for adults". But even that description doesn't give this massive installation proper credit.

The House of Eternal Return was built by 200 artists over a two year period, in a 25,000 square foot former bowling alley. There is a two story house inside that serves as the entry to the fun. According to the backstory, what appears to be a normal home has undergone some type of incident that may or may not have altered the space/time continuum. As the visitor wanders through the home secret dimensional portals may be discovered. (No spoilers here, but be careful of the refrigerator.) Once through one of the portals, a whole new world opens up. As you go from one room to the next you are greeted my all manner of art. There are stones that sing when you walk by, a human sized fish tank in fluorescent colors, giant furry monsters, a working harp made with laser light, a Chinatown alley, tree houses, a video tunnel, and a mirrored room inside a ice chest.

With no map or time schedule to follow, you wander around the house trying to find new rooms, or the people you came in with. Everything in one room is painted to look like a black and white cartoon panel. Another room is bathed in calming blue light with rustic furnishings. There is an entire futuristic corridor of rooms that lead to planets in other dimensions.

The Meow Wolf site is kid friendly, although some adults have been known to become bewildered. There are white coated helpers inside to answer questions and direct you if you get lost, or end up inside the dreams of one of the residents. If that sounds confusing, it's because it is. Meow Wolf is also spectacular, bizarre, and unlike any art exhibit you've ever visited.

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