Local Flavor - San Antonio, Texas

Esquire Tavern

Along the Riverwalk it can be difficult to find a place that isn't Tex-Mex and margaritas. Luckily, the Esquire Tavern sets itself apart in one of the most touristy spots in Texas.

The San Antonio Riverwalk is a fun place to visit, but it is overloaded with tourists. Along the Riverwalk it can be 10 degrees cooler than up on street level, but the sides of the San Antonio River have become crowded with national chains (Hard Rock Cafe, Dick's Last Resort) and every manner of street taco, guacamole and over-sized margarita. The Esquire Tavern couldn't be more different. Founded in 1933, it's the oldest bar in Texas. It also claims to have the longest wooden bar in the state. But what's really great about the place is the drinks they serve at that bar. They create classic and modern cocktails that are a wonderful departure from the surrounding tequila inspired libations. The food is also very good. As dark and lovely as the bar is, try to get a table outdoors on the balcony. That way you can look down on the boats and tourists of the Riverwalk while you sip a drink made with "navy-strength Jamaican rum".

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