Cinque Terre - Part 5 – Riomaggiore and the train

It’s been a great hike but now our journey is drawing to a close. This series has taken the reader on a hiking tour of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the northern Mediterranean. The area is often referred to as the Italian Rivera. The last stop on the hike is the delightful village of Riomaggiore. After a visit it will be time to take the train back to the start of the trail.

The Via dell’Amore deposits the hiker in the center of Riomaggiore. This is one of the larger villages and has a variety of restaurants and places to stay. Many visitors use this town as their home base while touring the area. As in the other villages, small fishing boats line the streets, “parked” after a day of plying their trade.

There is a rock prominence at the edge of town where one can stand and look back at the harbor and the village. The buildings look like multi colored blocks tumbling off the cliff and into the sea. This may well be the most photographed view in all of Cinque Terre.

The train that runs between the five villages provides a much faster trip than walking. While a hike may take five to eight hours depending on the length of the stops in each village, the train trip from Riomaggiore back to Monterossa Al Mare takes only 15 minutes. There is also the option of taking a tourist boat between the towns and viewing Cinque Terre from the sea. But before boarding the train the savvy traveler will toast their accomplishment with a glass of vino or a scoop of gelato or maybe both. Ciao!

This is the final part of the series. While each story in this series can be read individually, the reader will gain more enjoyment and knowledge of the area if the series is read in order.

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