Leaving Lousiville for Clarksville and Jeffersonville

The Ohio River defines the border between Kentucky and Indiana. On the south side of the river sits the metropolis of Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and the 2013 NCAA Men’s College Basketball champions. On the north side of the river sits the comparatively quiet little city of Jeffersonville, Indiana. While it may not be a national sports powerhouse like its neighbor to the south, Jeffersonville is an outdoor recreation destination.

One of the most noticeable moves the city made was the restoration on the Big Four railroad bridge. Originally built in 1888 it was reconstructed in 1929 and operated until it was closed in 1969. In 2011 the bridge was restored into a pedestrian and bicycle link between Jeffersonville and Louisville. A spiral ramp descends from the bridge into a plaza called Big Four Station. The park features a fountain, sculpture and covered picnic area.

The city is very bicycle friendly. Bike paths follow the river and the streets are marked with bike lanes. Visitors can rent bikes at the Widows Walk Ice Creamery, a charming Victorian cottage along the Ohio River.

Jeffersonville is adjacent to the city of Clarksville and bike paths flow next to the river and connect the two towns. Clarksville lays claim as the starting location of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804. The town is also known for the Falls of the Ohio State Park which features the largest exposed fossil beds from the Devonian period. When the river level is low enough visitors can walk among out on the formations. The Interpretive Center explains the fossil formation and the Lewis and Clark connection to the area.

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