Best Bar in Jamaica

Located a half mile out into the ocean, the Pelican Bar is only accessible by boat, and is the coolest bar we’ve ever visited.

Sitting of a reef roughly halfway between Treasure Beach and Black River, the Pelican Bar is an institution on the south side of the island of Jamaica. Although this institution looks like it is made out of driftwood and wood blow away in a good storm. Drinks are Red Stripe beer and about five half full bottles of various kinds of rum. The menu consists of whatever kind of fish they caught that day. When we were there we had yellow snapper that had been swimming only moments before it ended up on our plate. It’s hard to get fish much fresher than that. There are also a few local artists set up in the bar and, if you are a first time visitor, for a small donation they'll carve your name in the floor. Surrounded by water, eating very fresh fish, and drinking cold beer. What more could you ask for in a bar?

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