Bringing American History to Life at Greenfield Village

Imagine a town populated by famous inventors and historical figures, from Thomas Edison to Noah Webster to the Wright Brothers. Such a town exists just outside of Detroit, Michigan in the city of Dearborn. Greenfield Village is part of the Henry Ford Museum complex, which includes the Ford Rouge Factory Tour and a giant movie screen.

Over the years Greenfield Village has transported actual historical buildings to their site. The buildings are laid out in seven historic districts. The Main Street district includes the Ohio bicycle shop where the Wright Brothers created the first airplane and the 1830’s era Eagle Tavern. Nearby is the Menlo Park, New Jersey lab where Thomas Edison developed the light bulb and phonograph and an early 1900’s Ford Motor Company factory. There is also a residential district called Porches and Parlors that features the homes of such notable Americans as Noah Webster and poet Robert Frost. Other interesting buildings in this district include the Susquehanna Plantation from Maryland and the Hermitage Slave Quarters from Georgia.

Greenfield Village is not just about walking around looking at transplanted historic sites. Transportation is also well represented. The visitor can travel around the Village in operating steam trains, Model T’s, horse carriages and a steamboat. There is also a working farm and craftsmen frequently demonstrate their specialties.

Greenfield Village is open every day from mid-April through the end of October. Hours vary through the holidays and the Village is closed after January 1 until the following April.

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