About This Web Site

My style of traveling may not be for everyone. I don’t do the typical group tour. Get on the bus, get off the bus, take a picture of the landmark, get back on the bus, get off the bus, take a picture of the landmark, get back on the bus, repeat for several hours. I’d need a vacation after a vacation like that. I like to visit out of the way places, getting off the beaten track, and avoiding the main tourist areas. Or if I do hit the tourist spots, doing it with the least amount of frustration.

Some of my favorite days are when there is no plan other than where we are going to spend the night. My wife and I once drove from Miami to Key West in a convertible. When we saw something interesting we stopped. We ended up walking two miles out (and back) along old Seven Mile Bridge and seeing the island where the construction workers who built the intercoastal railway (and later highway) lived. They were a bit too rowdy to be allowed in any of the fine communities in the Florida Keys.

When we visited Yellowstone National Park with the kids we went to see Old Faithful erupt. But when the tour groups got back on their buses (a few before the geyser had even finished erupting) we went hiking on the geyser basin trail and saw dozens of additional geysers, hot springs and thermal features.


When it comes to eating while traveling I try to patronize local restaurants. I may occasionally get a bad meal, but it’s almost always get a memorable experience. Who remembers their last visit to Applebees?

So welcome to this travel site. Hopefully you will find inspiration, information and fun along the path less chosen.

Traveler and author Tom Scheidel on the rim of the Grand Canyon in 2014.